Every dog is unique story. What we put around their body should be no different. That’s the premise our founder Juan used to build the first Native Hounds collection.

Drawing from the native cultural heritage of his homeland in Colombia, Juan sought to celebrate what’s unique and share it with (wo)man’s best friend. Collaborating with Nora, our workshop director and Idalí our indigenous leader, they created a collection of patterns filled with ancient symbols of love, protection and spiritual connection. 

To complement the work of and message of these resilient women, we looked only for the the best materials and finishes, after a long journey around the world we found Jana and Baskar, our expert leather manufacturers, they have developed exclusive textures and colors for our collections to elevate our product to the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship and exclusivity. 

And to present our project of woman empowerment, indigenous wisdom, design, top quality, love for our dogs, we have partnered with Memo to create a story that represent our values and offer our followers a growing lifestyle line with distinct character that reflects our desire to create beautiful products to improve the life of furry friends.

By purchasing Native Hounds, you are supporting indigenous Colombian families that rely on handcrafting as their source of income. Together we say Muchas Gracias! and promise to keep delivering more inspired designs!